Sunday, September 21, 2008

rainy foodie sunday

Sunday was forecasted for rain but that didn't stop Satoshi and I from checking out Toji--a temple near the JR Kyoto Station which has a open market on the 21st of each month. As soon as we arrived in Kyoto, the rain was coming down really hard. By the time we walked to Toji (it is about 10 minutes), we were soaked (even with umbrellas)! Still, there were tons of people at the market. There were so many stalls filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and many vendors cooking up yummy "fast foods" like takoyaki, taiyaki and yakisoba.

On the property there is a 5 story pagoda and many halls filled with artifacts and large statues of buddhas. Very nice.

One of the places we got to visit was Kanchiin, this had a spectacular garden. Luckily we were inside when another heavy shower decided to pass over.

A few doors down from Toji, is a small mochi (rice cake) shop, called Toji mochi. This place has been in business since 1910. From September to April they grill the mochi out in front of the store.

We got a yomogi mochi (210 yen about US$2.10) and the Toji mochi (a soft daifuku filled with smooth sweet bean paste 130 yen about US$1.30) The yomogi mochi was delicious hot off the grill and the Toji Mochi was nice and soft...both were great.

Toji mochi
Tojimonmae-machi 88
Minami-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075.671.7639
Open 7:00-20:00
Closed every month on the 6th, 16th & 26th

It was lunchtime so we headed to JR Isetan in the JR Kyoto station. They were having a Hokkaido fair so we went to have lunch at the sushi shop. Satoshi had the seafood chirashi (2415 yen about US$24.15) and I had the matsu nigiri (1680 yen about US$16.80). Satoshi enjoyed all the different seafood and my nigiri was just right.

As we wandered around the fair we also bought a potato curry pan (201 yen about US$2)...spicy and a half of a potato inside...delicious. Oh and those inari sushi in the upper left corner were part of my dinner.

It was a great foodie adventure despite the random downpours.

I wanted to show this HUGE pile of an (sweet bean paste) that I saw at a taiyaki stand...yum!

Hope you have a great week.


Crafty Ladies said...

Everything looks so delicious. I hope to visit Japan soon. Thank you for sharing the goodies and hope you continue having a great trip!

mendicellis said...

Hi, I'm emanuele mendicelli, your blog is very interesting.

I like too much suschi!!!

Phoebe said...

AH!!! Mochi!! They are so delicious! Is that one of the best stalls so far for you Kat?

hahaha sushi!!! always a delight...what is that claw peeping from behind?

ila said...

holy crap, that is a huge pile of anko.

Lori said...

Sounds like a fun day! In that top collage of pictures, what are those things on the bottom right picture?

K and S said...

balls of moss, Lori, to put a plant into :)

Ila, it is huge, isn't it??

it was a good mochi shop, maybe not my best....crab, Phoebe :)

Thanks Emanuele!

I hope you get a chance to visit soon, Crafty Ladies!

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - My goodness, it seems that you are always out and about. Thanks for always sharing your adventures......

Debinhawaii said...

What a fun day. I got to visit that temple on my one three day weekend in Kyoto--it was so beautiful there.

K and S said...

You are very welcome, Kirkk :)

It was fun, Deb, the next time you are in Kyoto, plan for this market!

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

This is what I like so much about your style go no matter what! Did you say rain? Oops, gotta cancel that sagra for racing snails! It's not that I hate rain, it's having to deal with wet dogs in the car. The stink! Ugh!!

About your rice I'm thinking to grow my own rice? Probably not the greatest idea since they need a lot of water. Will have to look into that, I think it's great that your beading classmate grows her own!

K and S said...

I think if we had two cuties we would have stayed home too, Rowena :) I think you would need a big portion of space for rice Rowena, but most farmers here grow their rice in summer then use the same piece of land for veggies the rest of the months. Would be cool if you could do it yourself :)

Take care.

Fuji Mama said...

I love Toji! I've always wanted to go to the market, but have never been in town on the right day.

K and S said...

Definitely worth it, Fuji Mama, I hope you get a chance to experience the market :)

Take care.