Thursday, July 09, 2009

sorabol & waiola shave ice

Met up with my cousin and his wife for lunch on Tuesday. They are here for his reunion. It was my first time meeting his wife too.

Whenever they come to Hawaii, they like to eat foods that aren't readily available in Arizona, namely Japanese, Korean and Thai cuisines.

We decided to meet at Sorabol. I'd heard good things about this place but had never been there.

My cousin's wife can speak Korean (I think she is fluent), so she ordered for us, which was great.

My cousin ordered their soon du bu (the spicy hot pot with tofu), my cousin's wife ordered the bulgogi (barbecue pork) and I ordered the jap chae (long rice with beef and veggies).

They brought out banchan (assorted pickles, veggies), seaweed soup and after lunch, a cold ginger tea with rice in it.

Everything was so good that I forgot to take a photo of our lunch.

After lunch, my cousin and his wife mentioned that they wanted to eat shave ice, so we headed to Waiola.

It was my first time there, but I really enjoyed their shave ice. The ice was so fine that it didn't clump up into a hard mess.

I had the small cup with li hing powder and rainbow syrup.

I think my cousin and his wife enjoyed their shave ice too and I hope they enjoy themselves while they are here.

It was great meeting up with them and finally meeting my cousin's wife. (Thank you for lunch and for a great day!)

805 Keeaumoku Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.947.3113

Waiola Shave Ice
2135 Waiola Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.949.2269


Kamuela said...

Rainbow shave ice! Glad you enjoyed your lunch!

Debinhawaii said...

Lunch sounds good. I ate at Srabol once for a work Birthday event and it was good. I have not made it back though.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Island Snow in Kailua? It's more like the "real shave ice" made in a cone. A little bit coarser, but very good. Only problem is the long lines especially on weekend afternoons (Obama's spot).

KirkK said...

Delicious looking shaved ice! It's good to know Sorabol is still around. Are they still open 24 hours?

K and S said...

Thanks Laura :)

If you get a chance you should definitely go back, Deb :)

Waiola has cones too Anon :)

Yup open 24 hours according to their website Kirkk :)

Take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest Shimazu store on School St.? I find that their ice is just as fine and flavors as good if not better than Waiola. Also, the portion that you get is better and less expensive.

Alan from Makiki

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day, indeed.

I've never had Korean food before and I'd love to try it. There's a Korean restaurant in my neighborhood. It's been there for years. I don't know why I've never gone there before. I'll plan on it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Paz ;-)

K and S said...

Thanks for the tip Alan, will check them out when in the area :)

Thanks Paz, I hope you like your Korean food :)

Take care you two.

Mikuru Hirai said...

Wow, that is so colorful, Kat! How did it taste like? Assorted?

K and S said...

loved it Mikuru, like a rainbow in your mouth!

Take care.

bikebali said...

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Rowena... said...

Gomen kudasai, but did you say shave ice???

You're probably wondering what the...? I'm liking the currently shown japanese word of the day [excuse me]. Just wish that I correctly wrote what I think I heard.

K and S said...

Rowena, gomen kudasai is used more when you enter a home/store unannounced. like you open the door and don't see anyone, you would yell "gomen kudasai". I think "excuse me" as in "pardon" would be like "sumimasen?" or slang "ee (aye)?"

Take care.

K and S said...

Thanks Bikebali :)

Take care.

biologie said...

Yum! Shave ice is the best ~ better than an old fashioned snow cone, imho, that's for sure! BTW, I'm addicted to li hing mui. I get it from Tim's Oriental Market in San Antonio, Texas. It's a great place to go when I need a quick Asian fix and someday I'm hoping for a whole warehouse-sized Oriental Market to open up here...we shall see. :)

Thanks for sharing! Great blog post. Aloha! ^-^

Jenster said...

Kat, I love shave ice! You can get them in Seattle, but what I miss is being able to order them with azuki beans and ice cream.

I've heard comments that many of the bon odori events in Hawaii no longer feature goodies such as andagi, meat sticks and ramen. Did your mom's church sell any of these?

K and S said...

It is nice to know you can get your li hing fix nearby Biologie :)

aww no azuki or ice cream?? that is sad, Jenster. really? I think the church I go to still sells andagi. my mom's church sells bento and chili plates. not sure about the meat sticks or ramen though.

Take care you two.

jonathan said...

Great pictures and sharing. I wish to go there and try all the local foods. Thanks!

K and S said...

Hope you enjoy Hawaii Jonathan!

Take care.