Saturday, July 04, 2009

hawaii shops and eats

Yesterday, I met my Aunty Merle and Kathy at Town for lunch and had seen mixed reviews on various websites.

I have written about Kathy before, she is my Aunty's friend and was teaching in Japan. She returned to Hawaii in March after her contract was up.

We all chose the baby arugula salad with grilled beets, oranges, ricotta salata & pecans (US$7), though my aunty added some fish to her salad (plus US$5).

I'd say that the salad portion was just right, though I would have like a little more "stuff" in my salad, especially more pecans.

We also had dessert, I chose the chocolate-hazelnut gelato (US$4)...dark chocolate gelato with a nice hazelnut flavor. The biscotti it came with was rather bland, but overall a good dessert.

My Aunty chose mango sorbet (US$4) and Kathy had their lemon ice box cake (US$7). The mango sorbet tasted like you were eating the fruit (which is how sorbet should taste) and their ice box cake was lemony and delicious! (I wonder if their gelato and sorbet was from La Gelateria??)

My overall experience was a good one, my only regret was that I didn't see their free parking area and ended up parking on the street, which meant feeding a meter. (Thanks for lunch Aunty!)

I parked near Tamura's Wine near 10th avenue, which my "cousin" Steven works at (hadn't seen him in ages!). He was kind enough to change some $$ for me for the meter. (Thanks Steven!!)

After lunch, I checked out Tamura's chocolate selection and was impressed with all the varieties they had, way more than all the usual places I've checked out on my past trips home.

I picked up Lindt's swiss bittersweet, Nirvana's 72% with nibs, Vivani's 70% and Waialua Estate's 70% mini bars...I hope these are all good.

I didn't get to check out their wine selection but it looked like it was pretty good sized.

Ooh and this pua keni keni lei. I got this from Kathy. She has a pua keni keni tree in her yard and gave me 2 lei. In Hawaii, most people have fruit trees, flowers growing in their yards. The flowers usually can be made into lei and the abundance of fruits are usually shared with neighbors, relatives and/or friends.

These flowers can't be refrigerated, you can put them into a plastic bag and float them on water, if you put them into the refrigerator they will turn black. The fragrance of these are so heavenly. (Thanks Kathy!)

It was nice to see Kathy, re-connect with Steven and lunch with my Aunty.

It is a 3-day weekend (4th of July weekend) here, hope you have a safe but fun holiday!

3435 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.735.5900

Tamura's Wine
3435 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.735.7100


2kamuela47 said...

Cool lunch! The lei looks beautiful.

Debinhawaii said...

I am a Town fan--although they can be inconsistent sometimes. Bummer on the parking but at least you got to see your cousin and buy chocolate--I'll have to check out their selection at Tamura's.

Such a beautiful lei!

Christina said...

Nice chocolate assortment! The salad does sound good, though I agree that I do like a decent ratio of "stuff" to greens. Hawaii must be a great place to visit.

K and S said...

Thanks Laura :)

I hope you like Tamura's Deb :)

I hope you get a chance to visit sometime Christine :)

Take care everyone!

Suze said...

Ooooh, pua keni keni! That smells sooo good! I hope it lasted a long time. :)

K and S said...

Thanks Suze, it lasted a day, I hung it near my bedroom window so that the fragrance would come in with the wind.

Take care.