Saturday, July 18, 2009

hawaii foodie thursday

Yesterday, I met up with Deb for a tasting of some "haute" dogs.

Before meeting her though, I stopped in at the Moanalua 99 (the old 99Ranch Market), I had heard about a tea shop called Bibbitea Bobbitea Brew. They were listed as selling some Revolution teas, as well as other tea items, so I wanted to see what they had.

They had these individually wrapped 1 infuse (1 bag) types, so I picked up some for Deb to try (Earl Grey Lavender & Honeybush Caramel) and also some for me to try (Honeybush Caramel & Sweet Ginger Peach).

As I headed to the parking lot, I noticed that Imari Bento now sells their bento there. On a previous trip home, I was saddened when I noticed they were gone from their Keeaumoku location. Satoshi and I love their Wa-hamba-gu bento (Japanese style hamburger). Hopefully the next time I'm home I'll be able to try their bento again!

Heading into town, I noticed the Emperor of Japan's plane cruising past me as I waited at a light. (I left a little early because I had heard that they stopped traffic when the entourage passed and didn't want to be late.)

I parked on Auahi Street, they have 2 hour metered parking there. If you find parking in front of the shop, their meters are only an hour.

We ordered the Fat Boy (a hot dog wrapped with bacon then deep fried, topped with mayo, lettuce & tomato...think hot dog blt)US$5.95, Buffalo Brat (a smoky brat made from buffalo meat (I am assuming), brown ale and chipotle, topped with pineapple relish, sauerkraut & guiness mustard US$8.50.

Both of these dogs were good, they had a nice crisp snap to them and were very flavorful.

We also ordered their fries US$2.50, onion rings US$3.75 and lilikoi lime sodas (don't remember the price). The lilikoi lime soda was really refreshing, though Deb thought it had a bit more lilikoi the last time she tried it.

We also got their special dipping sauces...curry ketchup and garlic aioli...the curry ketchup had a nice zing to it and the garlic aioli was creamy with a nice garlic taste.

Earlier that morning, the shop was featured on a local morning show, also, Hank's was recently featured in Bon Apetit magazine. We weren't sure which reason the customers were lining up for, but it was nice to see the line. I myself was a bit leery about trying this place, I mean, paying a lot for a hot dog, it has to be good or else...

After eating, we chatted a bit and of course we talked about dessert too....Hank's has a creme brulee....

Instead, we went into Chinatown to the newly opened Otto Cake. This tiny shop, a couple of doors down from Char Hung Sut, sells cheesecake.

Deb and I had a slice US$5 each, I had lemon and she had banana coconut cream.

I loved the citrusy flavor and it was really creamy, oh and the crust was delicious too.

Deb's banana coconut cream, had a subtle banana flavor with coconut shavings on top.

I also bought two slices to take home for my dad (chocolate chocolate chip) and for my mom (banana coconut cream). (UPDATE: dad loved his and mom did too, except she felt that the banana bits in her cheesecake were kinda green.)

They don't really have tables to sit at to enjoy your cheesecake, so we borrowed their bench to enjoy ours.

All in all, it was pricey but a great foodie day. (Thanks Deb!)

Bibbitea Bobbitea Brew (inside old 99Ranch, near post office)
1151 Mapunapuna Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.834.5323 UPDATE: this shop no longer at this location

Hank's Haute Dogs
324 Coral Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.532.4265

Otto Cake UPDATE: moved to Kaimuki (1127 12th Avenue), phone number the same
1160 Smith Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.834.OTTO (6886)


Anonymous said...

Oooh, Otto opened his own bakery?! I've heard about this punk rock baker for several years, but never was able to try any of his cakes or cheesecakes which he is especially famous for. As always, thanks for the information and delicious posts.

2kamuela47 said...

Hot dog blt sounds interesting. I would have love the lilikoi lime drink and the cheesecakes look really ono! Great foodie day!

KirkK said...

Ooohhh! I like the way you're maximizing your trip home.

K and S said...

if I'm not mistaken Anon, I think it was last week.

Everything was delicious Laura :)

Thanks Kirkk, I'm happy you approve :)

Take care everyone.

Rowena... said...

What a fantastic chow date. The name of the tea place sounds so cute, but it was the haute dogs that did it for me. Guiness mustard??? That sounds yum-o-licious!

Debinhawaii said...

It was fun--although my arteries are still recovering! Thanks again for the tea (and cookies), it was fun to get to hang out twice with you. Back to the old diet though today--you are a bad influence! ;-)

Lori said...

Okay, the Fat Boy sounded interesting and then you got the the Brat. Sounds wonderful! All those great flavors. What a fun food day!

K and S said...

I found out that Otto opened on 7/3.

I think I saw a recipe for homemade guiness mustard on Foodbuzz, Rowena :)

yeah yeah yeah, thanks again for a great day Deb :)

he he, I hope you will get a chance to try them Lori :)

Take care everyone!

Jann said...

Fatboy hotdog~it looks sinful! what a day of food finds!

K and S said...

I think the whole day was quite sinfully delicious Jann :)

Take care.