Thursday, July 30, 2009

k's bento-ya

I searched my archives and couldn't believe that I'd never posted on K's (if you find it on my blog, please let me know where it is).

K's Bento-ya is a tiny shop in Waipahu serving 2 types of bento (boxed lunch), small or large.

We always get the small which is always way too much food.

It usually comes with 1 makizushi (rolled sushi), 1 oshizushi (pressed sushi), 1 musubi, 1/2 a hot dog, 1 hash patty, 1 tofu egg roll and 3 pieces of their chicken.

Their chicken is deep fried then dipped in a special garlic shoyu-based good!

I'm not sure what is in the large because we've never purchased them.

According to mom, the price has been slowly rising on their bento, but are still under US$5 for the small. If you have a big order, you should call a day in advance, otherwise, you'll have to take your chances getting one during the lunch hour, they sell out kinda fast.

Our bento today didn't have the makizushi but instead 2 oshizushi...still ono (delicious)! though I had to refrain from eating all of the crunchy chicken skin...sigh!

K's Bento-ya
94-164 Awalau Street
Waipahu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.671.0160


pandaluvgame said...

I'm gonna go there. I luvvv Japanese food and i'm s.o. who lives to eat Lol. Here in Cupertino and San jose, we also have lots of good JP restaurants :D

Debinhawaii said...

You refrained from eating all the chicken skin?! What happened? Gearing up for another "Fat Boy" at Hank's?
Just kidding! ;-)

The bento looks good and pretty good portion for a small size.

K and S said...

not sure what s.o. means panda, but I'm glad there are a lot of good JP restaurants where you are :)

ha ha I wish Deb :)

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - Boy do I miss the great benots....and all the Okazuya's back home.

K and S said...

definitely great eats at the okazuya and bento places, Kirkk :)

Take care.

Rowena... said...

When a place gives so much food, good food, you knows they gonna be in business for a long time.

Lori said...

I love picking up a K's bento on the way to go fishing! Sounds like you've been enjoying some great food back home!

K and S said...

that is so true Rowena :)

thanks Lori, I had a great time :)

take care you two.

Mikuru Hirai said...

Hi Kat! I love bento boxes, they are cute and yummy. I saw this vid in you tube - and it inspired me to make creative bento boxes.

K and S said...

That is wonderful Mikuru :)

Take care.