Friday, July 24, 2009

burgers on the edge

Tuesday, I went with my Mom and Dad to check out Burgers on the Edge (BOTE).

This burger place is similar to The Counter (TC), where you can :"build your own burger", I wrote about TC earlier .

Dad couldn't decide and settled for their Classic, US$6.49, 1/3 pound burger with lettuce, tomato, red relish & pickles on their whole wheat w/oats bun.

The guy at the register rattled off what red peppers, jalapeno and some other ingredients (I couldn't catch them all because he rattled them off really fast), but didn't know if it was spicy...WT??

Mom chose to build her own burger...a 1/3 pound burger with swiss, red relish, tomato slices, applewood smoked bacon, portabella mushrooms & grilled onions...US$6.99.

I also chose to build my own burger...a 1/3 pound burger with pepper jack, smoked hickory bbq sauce, applewood smoked bacon, portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers & thin crispy onions...US$6.99.

We also got an order of their sweet potato fries...US$4.89.

Things we noticed...the burger at BOTE is larger in diameter than TC, the bun is bigger too.

Way the burger was cooked...TC asks how you want the burger cooked, BOTE didn't. get way more toppings on your burger at BOTE (because the burger is larger in diameter.)

Sweet Potato Fries...TC has better sweet potato fries. They were way more crispier. Mom also thought that BOTE may be using yam instead of sweet potato, or their cut was too thick to get the fry crisp enough. will probably get a more reasonably priced meal at BOTE.

Negatives: My only gripe about my burger at BOTE was that there seemed to be crystals of salt here and there that I kept crunching on, which made those bites way too salty, and I wished the crispy onions that I ordered in my burger were crisp.

Also, the music inside the shop was quite loud so we couldn't have much conversation, but it beat sitting outside with the wind blowing everything around and the noise of the traffic zooming by.

All in all, we're glad we tried this, it was really filling and delicious.

Burgers on the Edge (in the Kapahulu Safeway Complex) UPDATE: as of 2013, this place is closed
888 Kapahulu Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii


Deb in Hawaii said...

Great review. I need to give BOTE another try I think since I just ate there once when it first opened but maybe I'll stick to getting the sweet potato fries at The Counter. ;-)

K and S said...

thanks Deb :) I think if BOTE cut their sweet potatoes a little thinner they would come out with a crispier fry or double frying them...keep me posted on what you think.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

All in all, sounds pretty good.


tastingood said...

Yay, thanks for the wonderful review. We've been wanting to give Burgers on the Edge a try but just never wanted to drop the bucks without knowing how good it is. In fact, we even went in for a menu (yes, we are that type of people) but opted for Izakaya Nonbei (which is fabulous!) across the street.

By the way, I've been dragging the boyfriend, M, all over town - to the places that you've reviewed mostly on this trip back to Hawaii for you. The other night, I read your review for Hank's and drug M to their IMP (International Market Place) location. We were disappointed to find out that their IMP stand is a scaled back version of the real deal on Coral Street, meaning they only had four or five dogs to choose from. We were intending to get the Fat Boy, which was not available, so went with the Chicago dog. It was delicious nevertheless. :)


K and S said...

Hope you like BOTE Shirley, and glad you liked the Chicago dog @ IMP, guess you gotta go to Coral street to try the Fat Boy :)

Take care.

K and S said...

Thanks Paz, it was :)

Take care.

workingwoman2 said...

Kat, I just discovered your blog and am enjoying your adventures so much! I am guilty of living here locally but not really exploring all the wonderful places we have. I find your life in Japan facinating. I am finally going back to my roots and learning more about the culture -- I joined Marukai! Lol. Thank you for sharing your life and yourself with us! Blessing to you and Satoshi! Faye

K and S said...

LOL Faye, I hope you get to learn more about your roots and culture!

Take care and thanks for reading our blog!

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - He didn't know if Jalapenos are spicy??? ;o)

K and S said...

Kirkk, sad yeah??

Take care.