Sunday, October 17, 2010

culture shock

When I was learning Japanese, I learned that the name for sunny-side up egg is "medama-yaki".

So, I was thrown off when I was asked at a restaurant, "katamen" or "ryomen".

Katamen means one side and ryomen means both sides.

The waitress spoke quite quickly and even Satoshi didn't understand what she was asking.

Finally, we asked her to repeat what she said...and I chose "katamen" = sunny-side up.

I gotta say that that piece of bacon was the hardest piece I've ever eaten, ever.


~fer said...

I had a lot of those happening to me. What you learn and what real life gives you is very different so many times. said...

Very good.

Rowena said...

I guess that whole breakfast was so unimpressive because I noted that you didn't leave either name or address. Ouch!

Dennis K. said...

It's the first time for me to hear that too. I guess ryomen is over-easy then.. It's past 1PM and I haven't eaten yet. Starving looking at your photo!

Kathy YL Chan said...

Goodness, that is one SOLID looking piece of bacon! ;)

K and S said...

sometimes when you live there you learn so much more :)

Thanks Abebe :)

Actually this restaurant is our last resort place Rowena, quality of food is so-so.

Yup, ryomen is over-easy Dennis:) hope you got something to eat.

Take care everyone.

Su-Lin said...

Yikes. Shame about the bacon. Bad bacon sad. :(

K and S said...

Kathy...see, it even looks hard in pictures :0

it is isn't it Su-Lin??

Take care you two.

Kim said...

Did you learn Japanese when you were still in Hawaii or when you moved to Japan?

K and S said...

Pocky, I learned in Hawaii and then studied abroad in Japan for 9-months.

Take care.

K said...

Funny, if they had said "katamen" to me, I would've thought they were referring to fried noodles, which is a whole different food situation,haha.

K and S said...

totally different K :)

Take care.