Saturday, October 30, 2010


Most days for lunch, I pick up something from the market while shopping or from somewhere on the way to or back from the market.

I love the bento at Wakana, especially if it has the kari kari ume rice in it.

Kari kari means crunchy, ume is pickled apricot.

Their bento usually have lots of veggies in them too.

Once when I popped into Burdigala, they had what they called a dinner box (which was actually a bag).

It was filled with a salad, a sandwich and a croque madame...700 yen (about US$7).

I ate the salad and sandwich (which was a potato salad sandwich--it was interesting, all sorts of veggies, cauliflower, olives, potato) that day and saved the croque madame for the next day.

The next day, I picked up a salad and heated up the croque madame.

Croque madame is a cheese sandwich with ham and an over-medium egg...delicious.

Whenever the weather is bad, hopefully I am prepared and have food on hand.

Once on a rainy day, I made pizza toast with english muffins, pizza sauce & a slice of cheese.

I also made a bowl of kanten soup.

I actually received this from someone and it is delicious.

The soup packet is supposed to dissolve into the soup, but I couldn't see myself eating this melted packet, so I empty the packet before pouring the hot water.

To spice it up, I added a few drops of ra-yu (chili oil) good.

(I used several of these soup packets when I made hot & sour soup.)

On another rainy day I had chicken ramen.

Did you know that the person who created Nissin chicken ramen and cup noodle was from the next train station over in Ikeda? (We've been to the museum (pre-blog).)

Add some green onions and an egg. Let steep for 3 minutes and lunch is served.

The noodles are coated with the soup, so there are no other packets to mess with.

What have you been eating for lunch?


Jude said...

Mmm, it's been ages since I had a bento box of any kind. I love the sound of pickled apricot. The croque sandwich sounds delicious and also your chicken ramen recipe - right up my alley, both! This is a perfect antidote to darker days and colder weather :)

Admin said...

I love instant noodles and I always purchase a bag or two at the Japanese goods section at our local grocery but my mom tells me not to eat too much of those because they are packed with preservatives that are harmful to the body. Is that true, Kat?

K and S said...

dark days and colder weather are definitely coming Jude :)

I'm not sure about preservatives Mikuru, but I hear the noodles are fried.

Take care you two.

Deb in Hawaii said...

You are having some good lunches! I am with you--it would scare me to eat something that was supposed to melt into my soup too--yikes! ;-)

K and S said...

I'm sure it is totally edible Debinhawaii, but just the thought of it...

Take care.

Rowena said...

Your lunches are certainly much more "rounded" than mine. Me, I just grab whatever is handy: chocolate and peanut butter, a can of tuna dumped on top of rice...I just can't stand taking the time to make/eat a proper lunch when I'm by myself! The croque madam is new to me because I only ever heard of croque monsieur.

K and S said...

Rowena, hmmm. I wonder if croque madame is a Japanese thing? Chocolate & PB sound awesome for lunch.

Take care.