Tuesday, October 05, 2010

things I'm liking (and disliking)

Things I'm liking...this box of juice from Kagome, the label says that they only use fruits and veggies no sugar added.

Delicious and bright tasting like the package.

The fragrance from the goya (bitter melon) flowers. It smells like citrus.

Though if you ask Satoshi (his nose isn't too good), he'll tell you it smells like cooked rice...WT?

Tropicana's seasonal juice, the fig on the box caught my eye. Good but unfortunately you can only taste grape and apple juice, figures because fig is like the 5th ingredient.

Maybe that is why it is so small on the box too?? hmmm

Enjoying a new tea called Ruschka by Mariage Frères. Black tea based, this is similar to Earl Grey with hints of bergamot and fruits.

The salesman at their shop in Kobe was so helpful and he let me take whiffs of the different teas...heavenly.

I loved their wide selection at Kobe BAL too, definitely more teas than the shop in Shinsaibashi Daimaru.

I have some other teas on my "wish list"...but they'll have to wait until I finish the teas that I have.

Koln's cinnamon roll. So soft and the glaze is the perfect sweetness. And went nicely with a strong cup of coffee.

Koln's curry bread. A butter roll filled with curry and a whole boiled egg, little dollop of mayo and pepper.

More egg than curry or bread but delicious all the same.

Didn't care too much for Samuel Adams Boston Lager, seemed a bit watery to me.

On the other hand, did like Paulaner's Hefe-Weiss Naturtrub beer.

Fruity easy to drink but not watery.

Went nicely with brats and sauerkraut for our Oktoberfest dinner.

Lawson's chocolate macaron, only 150 yen (about US$1.50) and it is HUGE, about 3 inches across.

It was chewy like a brownie and the chocolate cream inside had some raspberry flavoring.

This "new" glass cup and saucer from MIL. She let me go through some of her cabinets and take whatever I could carry home.

This cup is a little small but still perfect for an afternoon coffee or tea.

Javana's Speculoos tea with a splash of milk.

Lately, I have been using some of the Wedgewood that we received when we got married, I figure why save it for something special when it can make you feel special everyday.

What are you liking?


Jude said...

I totally agree with the why-save-it mentality! Might as well enjoy it now :) I would love to try that Earl Grey-ish tea, it sounds quite heavenly!

Rowena said...

I think my first comment was just eaten by the innernetz.

I'm liking eringi (do you know if that is with a hard "g" or a soft "g"?). First time seeing them in the produce section. Mainly it's only white button, chanterelles, pioppini or porcini.

Rona Y said...

I love the Mariage Freres shop at Kobe BAL. It's the nicest one in Kansai because it's the only one with windows! It's more spacious and open than the one in Shinjuku, too (I think the one in Ginza is supposed to be the nicest, but I've never been there). I miss it a lot! :-(

It's quite chilly on the Canadian prairies, so I'm loving all those warm comfort foods--soups, stews, chili.

(And I'd love to meet up for coffee or tea when I'm in Japan! I'll get in touch when my plans firm up a bit.)

Anonymous said...

I like the Lawson's macaron and the last tea of the entry... yum!

K and S said...

So far Jude there hasn't been a tea from Mariage Freres that I haven't liked :)

I think hard G Rowena, "eh-ring-ghee"

Definitely let me know Rona :)

Yes that speculoos tea is nice PTC :)

Take care everyone.

OkiHwn said...

How's the cilantro doing?

sarah said...

I would really like to try that tea! and lol to cooked rice smell!

K said...

I love the Mariage Freres shops/stands in Japan! Last time we were in Japan was for my brother's wedding, so my mom bought me some Wedding-named tea from there to remember it by :o)

K and S said...

doing well Nate, will email you :)

The teas are wonderful Sarah :)

I've tried one called Wedding Imperial K, it was delicious.

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

I love that photo off the curry (well mostly egg) bread. It looks delicious Kat!

BuyWoWHordeDeathKnight said...

i am drooling over Lawson's chocolate macaroon.T_T
i want one!

K and S said...

even if it was mostly egg Kirk it was still good :)

definitely something to try BWHJDK :)

Take care you two.

Admin said...

One time I grabbed a veggie juice pack from 7-11 and it was very good but when I checked the label it says 30g sugar. Grrr... since then, I always check the label of fruit and veggie drinks. Glad you found something that has none. :D

K and S said...

I hate when I buy stuff without checking Mikuru :(

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

A fun list of things. I like the sound of that tea.

I think a good cup of tea deserves a pretty cup! ;-)

K and S said...

Debinhawaii The teas are delicious, I think you would enjoy both :)

Take care.