Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have had this shop on my "to try" list for at least 8 years.

I have never got the chance to try them because they are always closed when we visit this part of Kyoto.

This shop is actually up the street from MIL's house.

When I first saw this shop on television, a little old lady would make these tsukudani (salt-sweet seasoned preserves) from scratch.

I'm not sure if that lady is still alive (when I saw it she was already in her 70's or 80's), but I'm glad we got to try these.

MIL bought some for us and gave it to us when we visited her.

The top photo is of Shinonome's Jako Sansho (Japanese pepper with dried young sardines).

A great topping for rice or on an omlette.

Another item she got from Shinonome was their Shiokonbu. Kelp seasoned with shiitake, dried young anchovies and Japanese pepper.

Great in musubi or with rice.

I tried these one evening for dinner with some miso soup filled with veggies.

I'm glad I got to try these tsukudani, I hope to go back and buy more soon.

53 Koyama Motomachi
Kita-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075.491.9359
Closed Sundays, Holidays and the 2nd Saturday


OkiHwn said...

That's what I miss - good tsukudani!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Good to check it off the list after 8 years and also that it lived up to your expectations. ;-)

jalna said...

I love that dinner!

K and S said...

You should check out Marukai, I think they have some good stuff there Nate :)

I'm glad they were still around Debinhawaii :)

Thanks Jalna, I wasn't feeling up to "cooking".

Take care everyone.