Friday, May 04, 2012

foodie thursday

Yesterday, Satoshi and I got together with my friend Val in Namba. She got an awesome deal on hotel and airfare, so she decided to jump at the chance to shop in Osaka.

After doing more shopping and lunch, we had ice cream at Haagen Dazs, they were having a special, three scoops for 500 yen. (You should know that 2 scoops usually costs that much).

Then we said our goodbyes and then Satoshi and I decided to walk as far as we could back towards Umeda.

Of course as we were walking back, I thought about Sammy Pooh!

And since we were in the area, we checked them out.

They had an item that I'd had been wanting to try called "butter wa oishii" (this literally means butter is delicious).

Luckily we grabbed their last two.

The pastry is based on the french Kouign Amann. Flaky, filled with almond paste and lots of butter, this was worth trying.

Just to show you how much butter, take a look at the wrapper....

We enjoyed these at Utsubo Park, even though the skies were looking like it was about to rain. On the brighter side, some of the roses were already in bloom.

I'm glad we got to try these pastries. But I'm even more happy that we were able to spend some time with our friend from Hawaii.


K said...

Sounds like a great day! That pastry looks rich and delicious.

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

500 yen for 3 scoop, nice! The pastry looks delicious. I always pretend that I didn't see the butter. It's so hard to resist good pastry... :-)

jalna said...

"Flaky, filled with almond paste and lots of butter"!!!!!!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Ooh, those Sammy Pooh pastries look wonderful. And those roses are beautiful!

Rona Y said...

OMG! I need to try Sammy Pooh!!

I love living through your adventures (even though it makes me feel home-away-from-home sick)! At least I don't gain any calories by reading. . .

K and S said...

great day indeed K!

so hard to resist good pastry indeed Nami!

I know Jalna! :)

Thanks Lizzy, the roses are the next blooms coming up in a couple of weeks!

Come back Rona! we can go eat at Sammy Pooh together!

Take care everyone.

Happy Little Bento said...

What a nice double treat: your friend and your delicious munchies. Butter is amazing; it makes everything taste good. SIGH.

KirkK said...

I just love the name Sammy Pooh!

Phil said...

What a coincidence, I dropped by Sammi Pooh!! today! Been keen to try it since reading about it on your blog, and even more so after picking up the current issue of Meets Regional (okazu pan edition!). We tried three different sandwiches - pate, pastrami and brie with salad. Pate was my fav. Enjoy the rest of GW!

Rowena said...

Kouign amann!!!! I have that near the top of the list for things to try in Breton. The trick is to find the patisserie that does it justice, because I've read so many comments on travel forums saying that it's just a sweet buttery cake and that's it. Party poopers. Some people have such boring palates ^-^

K and S said...

isn't butter the best Sheri :)

yes, I remember your dog is named Sammy, Kirk :)

that is nice Phil, I'll have to try their sandwich types next time :)

oh I hope you find a good one Rowena!

Take care everyone.

Rona Y said...

Definitely! We can have an eating day! :-) I'm hoping to go for Grad 2013, but it depends on time and money. Sigh! Doesn't it always?

K and S said...

cool Rona! will be waiting for you.

take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Love that name--"butter is delicious"--so true! ;-)

K and S said...

fun name, yeah?! Deb :)

Take care.