Monday, May 21, 2012

this and that

The weather is still really cool especially during the early morning and evenings. The weather is also really weird, raining (even hailing in some areas)...eep!

We still have our winter futon (comforters) out because of the weird weather, and May is half-over already!

Most of my plants have been a little neglected over the past couple of months. (sorry!)

The beets I planted didn't fruit, so I dug them up and we ate the greens....yum!

Minoh Beer's Yuzu White, won a gold at the World Beer Cup 2012 in the Fruit Wheat Beer category...way to go!

Oh and there is supposed to be a solar eclipse this morning...hoping that the clouds will clear and let us view it, though the weather dude says!


Dennis K. said...

That beer sounds delicious! Weather here has been getting pretty warm. Summer is near!

K and S said...

I hope it starts to warm up here as well Dennis :)

Take care.

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Oh, your petite beet greens look lovely! What I find in the market is so much bigger and unappealing.

Helen said...

We're still using our winter quilts as well. We're further north than you, but usually we're using blankets by now. Not sure what's up with the weather!

Rowena said...

Over here the rain simply never stopped since from yesterday, and I'm already bracing myself for blight to eventually appear on the tomato plants :( ...this weather sucks! Same for us too on the winter comforters and also I am still wearing socks around the house? Hope the clouds skrat so you can see the eclipse...crossing fingers!

Rowena said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'll try again with my beets since the first batch of planted seeds was probably washed away in earlier heavy rains.

K and S said...

aw thanks Lizzy :)

weird weather indeed Helen :0

oh no Rowena, hope your garden will be okay!

Take care everyone!

Phil said...

Yeah, the weather has been a bit weird hey? I do like a good beetroot leaf! Have you been to the Minoh Beer Brewery? Would like to get my hands on that Yuzu White!

K and S said...

the yuzu white is a seasonal beer, Phil, comes out around winter (December-February), you could still try the brewery, they may have some.

Take care.