Saturday, May 19, 2012

patisserie y style

There is a tiny patisserie that opened up near our favorite cafe recently called Patisserie Y Style.

Since I was in the middle of one of my walks, I picked up some items to try that didn't need refrigeration.

Their croquant (a meringue filled generously with hazelnuts & pistachios), chocolate sablé (very chocolatey), earl grey sablé (nice tea flavor).

A rice flour madeleine filled with sweet black beans (very moist), madeleine (nice texture) and matcha poundcake (very nice matcha flavor).

We really liked all of these.

It's too bad this shop doesn't have a cafe area...We'll be back.

Patisserie Y Style
4-15-40 Sakura
Minoo, Osaka
Phone: 072.737.7088
Closed Wednesdays : Hours: 10:00-19:00


K said...

Yum, all of those flavors sound delicious!

Rowena said...

Hopefully by the time you get back they'll expand to a cafe. Atleast some tea to go with those would've been nice!

K and S said...

can't wait to try their cakes K :)

Tea would've been perfect, Rowena :)

Take care you two.