Tuesday, May 22, 2012

kinkan nisshoku

The kinkan nisshoku (annular eclipse) took place yesterday morning, during probably the busiest time of the day. I say busy because it is the prime time when people are going off to work & school.

We bought our "glasses" ahead of time and were ready. (doesn't it look like a face?!)

The skies were clear when we got up....

But by the time it actually started, the clouds started rolling in.

Still, you could spot a few on their lanais checking it out.

This is the proper way to look at the eclipse with the "glasses"....

I didn't have a special lens or any type of large zoom lens for that matter, so this is the photo I got of the eclipse.

Looking at it through the special glasses was way cooler, you couldn't even see the clouds using the glasses, I only wish I could've taken more photos to show you.

I did take a short video of looking at the eclipse through the glasses, it is a bit hard to see but I think you may be able to pick it out.

We're glad we got to see this, the last time that mainland Japan (Honshu) saw this type of eclipse was apparently 173 years ago and the next time it will occur again in Japan (Honshu) is 300 years from now.

Even though I didn't get many good shots, I thought the clouds were kinda cool looking.


K said...

V cool photos!

Rowena said...

That must've been so exciting, even if the clouds got in the way. I checked out some more photos on Flickr and was totally amazed at the shots some people were able to take.

Japan Australia said...

Some cool looking glasses and it looks like it was quite the event in Japan from some of the great pictures I've seen around the blogging world.

Japan Australia

K and S said...

Thanks K!

it was pretty exciting Rowena, despite the clouds.

indeed J-A!

Take care everyone.

jalna said...

Cool glasses. Wouldja believe I totally forgot about it, and forgot to check it out.

KirkK said...

That's really cool, Kat!

K and S said...

that is funny Jalna :)

thanks Kirk!

Take care you two.