Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tofu egg

Recently, I re-vamped our egg salad...

1 hard boiled egg (medium size)
40 grams of tofu (drained on cheesecloth overnight)
some mayo
some dried dill
some ground pepper

2 slices of toast

Mix well and top toast.

Satoshi thought it was delicious. It was good, though the tofu was a little softer than the egg. Tastewise you really couldn't tell tofu was in there. I am making this again.

p.s. ooh and remember my motivator? well, I've been using it for a little over 2 years now and have hit 620 recorded miles!! whoo.


Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

This is fun and interesting! I've never combined these two but sounds delicious!

genkitummy said...

I'll have to try that recipe out. It looks good and it has to be high in protein and low in fat. Yum!

K and S said...

if you try it Nami, I hope you like it :)

hope you like it Genki :)

Take care you two.

K said...

How interesting! I love the idea of "sneaking" in tofu, haha.

K and S said...

lol definitely K :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Mmm! I'd love this for breakfast! :)

K and S said...

if you try this I hope you like it Paz :)

Take care.

Kim said...

Wow! 620 miles, congrats!

K and S said...

thanks Kim, now I have 900-something miles until the next level :p

Take care.