Monday, April 01, 2013

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Friday, after an appointment, I headed to Minoo to have lunch at Per Caffee Bianco.

Salad with proscuitto, pasta with pork belly in a creamed pea sauce and this cute cappuccino...1150 yen.

The picture is of our city's mascot or yuru-chara (you-roo-kya-ra) as they are called here. Yuzuru-kun.

Then I went to check out the cherry blossoms in the subdivision close to the Hankyu Minoo station.

This year, I've been into taking reflections of the cherry blossoms in car windows....

Saturday was a beautiful day.

Satoshi and I went to the family grave in Kyoto. And then we went to visit MIL, but not before checking out some areas for their cherry blossoms.

We walked along the Kamo River. Many people were out for a walk, riding their bicycles and some just sitting along the riverside.

And then found ourselves at the Kyoto Imperial Palace, where Tamakikat and I had been a couple of days ago.

What a difference clear blue skies made! Tons of people were out and about.

Satoshi admitted that this was the first time he had been here during this season.

Sunday, Satoshi had to work.

The weather was overcast, there was also some drops of rain here and there.

I went out for a walk and checked out the area near our place called Asahigaoka.

There was even a tree draping itself from the top of the bridge all the way down to the river.

Spring has come, the cherry blossoms have bloomed, it's all coming and going quickly.

I swear the "good seasons" (Spring and Autumn) are getting shorter and shorter. And the not-so good ones (Summer and Winter) are getting longer and longer....hope to get out to see more in the coming days.

Have a nice week!


Unknown said...

we were just in Kyoto and Osaka last week and were too early for the blossoms, but did see full blooms at Fukuoka Castle Ruins. Breath taking!
I had hoped to find some of the eateries you blog about but not speaking/reading any Japanese, it's difficult, especially when time is limited.
Oh, and regarding the onsen with the monkeys....Ewwwwww! Not sure how I would feel sharing it with a monkey! LOL

K and S said...

glad you were able to catch the blossoms somewhere, Vicki :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

That's one angry looking Cappucino! Love the beatiful photos.

Rowena said...

What a fun weekend. I agree with the part about the good seasons getting shorter and the less than good ones getting longer. We wanted to go to the Mister Tulip display in Piemonte that's always on at this time of year, but even their Facebook page warned that the tulips weren't even ready yet since it has been such a long winter! Hopefully by this weekend...hopefully!

K said...

I love the latte art, too cute!

K and S said...

aw he's not angry, Kirk :)

Su-Lin mentioned she was in Amsterdam but wasn't sure she would be able to see tulips, Rowena, hope you guys get something Springy soon!

me too K :)

Take care everyone.

jalna said...

Soooo beautiful!

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna :)

Take care.