Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Before I talk about Sundays, I need to tell you about the earthquake we had on Saturday. 5:30 a.m...you could hear the rumble come up the road and then we shook, at least a good 20 seconds, though at that point it seemed W-A-Y longer.

Turns out Awaji Island had a magnitude 6 earthquake. I didn't know this, but this was near the spot where the 1995 Hanshin Earthquake started too.

Luckily our area wasn't damaged, but there were many people on Awaji Island that were injured.

So much for the app that was supposed to warn me that an earthquake was coming, didn't even beep...boo!

Moving onto today's post...

Sundays, Satoshi has his German language class.

It's been only two weeks since his class started.

While he's at class (which is 3 and a half hours) I usually sit at a cafe, run errands, window shop, walk, walk, walk to pass the time.

This past Sunday, I started off at Starbucks. A cup of coffee and their salad wrap with 15 different items in there. I liked that it had a mexican avocado sauce and enjoyed all the veggies in it.

Then I walked around--running errands and window shopping.

 At about 2-ish, Satoshi's class finished and we had a late lunch.

This week we checked out the Shikoku Fair at the Hankyu Department Store.

One of the vendors was Aji Gekijo Chika, from the Shimanto-area of Kochi prefecture.

They were serving katsuo (skipjack tuna a.k.a. bonito a.k.a. aku).

I had the katsuo-zuke don (pictured above) and Satoshi had the katsuo tataki don. These were delicious...950 yen each.

After lunch we stood in line for the Tosa Jiro Vanilla soft serve...300 yen each.

Tosa Jiro is a type of chicken from the area, they use the eggs in the soft serve making it a little richer than the norm.

And then we went for coffee at Cafe Corridor, though I chose a seasonal berry soda instead...350 yen.

It was nearing 4, so we decided to head home all the while trying to figure out what to have for dinner.

How was your Sunday?


Kathy YL Chan said...

German! So cool. I'm trying to brush up on my Mandarin and learn French at the same time (not sure if that's possible :P)...so much to do! ^_^

Rowena said...

I guess that app just bit the dust, and I wonder how many people using it had no warning either. Didn't even hear about the earthquake on the news but glad you guys are okay.

K and S said...

Mandarin & French are sooo hard :p but I know you can do it, Kathy :)

I have a feeling that app has bugs Rowena...

Take care you two.

K said...

I'm glad you both were ok!

The food looks delicious - I wish Starbucks here had that wrap!

K and S said...

Thanks K :) I wish your Starbucks had this wrap too.

Take care.