Friday, April 05, 2013


Yozakura means night viewing of cherry blossoms. I've talked about it previously but never posted about it.

I recently went to check out the night viewing at Satsukiyama (Mt Satsuki) and was surprised at how empty the place was.

Usually the place is packed. Dunno if it was because of the weird weather.

Anyway, usually there are only these lanterns, but I noticed that this year, they also had huge flood lamps lighting up the park area.

I thought it was cool that this huge slide was enveloped in a cherry tree.

Our weather continues to flip-flop, I tell you, I don't know what to wear these days...hope Spring has come to your area.

Have a nice weekend!


Rowena said...

Neat idea for a night viewing (sounds romantic!), but yes, we are impatiently waiting for spring with this schizophrenic weather.

K and S said...

We hit a cold snap, Rowena, and the winds were icy today :( I hope you got some sun since we last chatted.

Take care.