Monday, April 08, 2013

this and that

Do you use a reader to read various blogs? I do.

I use Google reader at the moment from my PC (I don't read blogs from my smartphone).

I had switched because Bloglines, which I had used previously, was going out of business or some reason like that.

Well, fast forward a couple of years and...Google is doing away with their reader in July...

In my opinion, I didn't see anything wrong with it, it was fairly easy to use.

The buzz around the web was to switch over to Feedly, but I notice that they stream everything from Google Reader, so when Google Reader is no longer then what?

So, I went back to Bloglines. It's free. The updates of their site lag a bit, but gets the job done.

I hope this works out.

Do you have a "free" reader that you like to use?

UPDATE: I've been using Feedly because Bloglines was too inconsistent in providing up to date posts.


R Y said...

I switched to feedly. Right now they use Reader, but they say by the time Google is retired, they'll be self-sufficient. Hopefully it's true!

K and S said...

Thanks RY! will wait and see about Feedly, until then I'll use Bloglines :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

Argh...I better start taking steps to switch over to something before the last minute. What hassle!

Lindsay-Jean said...

After my rant on Facebook, my Dad sent me this article:
Really I'm just irrationally hoping that Google changes their mind and doesn't kill it!

K and S said...

It is a hassle Rowena, I hope you find something OR Google changes their mind...

It would be sooo much better if Google would change their mind LJ, it is such a P.I.T.A. trying to get used to a whole new media...

Take care you two.

genkitummy said...

I am totally bummed about google reader! It has even disappeared from my gmail toolbar, so I cannot easily access it.
Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try Feedly.

K and S said...

had no idea it disappeared from the toolbar, Genki, I hope you like Feedly :) I'm using Bloglines at the moment.

Take care.