Thursday, May 09, 2013

kaisen-zuke don

The other day I tried making a kaisen-zuke donburi for dinner. (Kaisen means assorted seafood).

I used the sauce recipe that I used when I made magurozuke avocado donburi.

I took half of the sauce and grated some fresh ginger into it and marinated some chu-toro (medium fatty tuna) in it. With the rest of the sauce, I marinated an assortment of sashimi (sliced raw fish) and some boiled tako (octopus).

While the seafood marinated (10 minutes), I put some rice into bowls and sprinkled some sesame seeds. Then I sprinkled some sliced green onions, thinly sliced shiso (perilla) and myoga (young ginger shoots).

Then I placed the marinated fish on top and drizzled what marinade was left.

Dinner was served.

We've finally started using "less-salt" shoyu (I was trying to use up what regular shoyu I had), and luckily the flavor of this didn't change much.

Our weather is still a bit weird, we still have very "cool" days, there have been some rainy days and some humid ones too.

I hope the weather will stable out soon.


K said...

This looks delicious! I had chirashi-zushi for dinner at a restaurant last night, sort of similar :o)

K and S said...

sort of similar K :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

Okay what the hay..this didn't show up in my yahoo page yesterday! Anyways...I picked up 4 avos last night and hope that it will be money well spent (5 euros!). If they ripen correctly and not simply rot inside, I am gonna try making this.

Our weather seems to be stabilizing. No more rainstorms but the weather dude says they are still "possible?" Go figure....

K and S said...

the avos they've been bringing in from mexico have been junk lately Rowena :( our weather is still kinda funky too...

Take care.

KirkK said...

That look great Kat! The weather here has been flakey as well.....record high temps, followed by rain and wind, with record temps coming back again.

K and S said...

hope it warms up where you are Kirk!

Take care.