Sunday, May 05, 2013

new & improved

Recently, I've been hooked on this tobikiri cheese at MOS burger.

A simple cheeseburger with lots of oozy cheese, onions and a special sauce (kinda like demi-glace)

And then the other day, there was a commercial on television that they'd improved the MOS burger.

It had been ages since I'd had the MOS burger.

So, I went to check it out for lunch the other day.

Wow...that's a LOT of sauce, kind of an Italian meat sauce, but a little sweeter.

Lots of diced onions (hidden under the sauce).

A juicy patty.

Nice slice of tomato.

And cheese...did I mention that the cheese was oozy?! it was.

Don't eat this while driving.

Don't worry, I didn't.

This was so messy, in a good way.

p.s. Happy Boy's Day a.k.a. Children's Day!


Japan-Australia said...

We tried the new Tempura Rice Burgers at Mos Burger yesterday and they were very good. I've yet to try the new and improved original Mos Burger. I hear they are now using 100% Aussie beef instead of a beef / pork mixture.

Dennis K. said...

I saw the commercial about this too (in the shows that I rent) and was curious. It's been updated one time before a few years back. I hope they don't change too much, I like the classic taste.

K and S said...

I liked their rice burger with the kakiage on it J-A, then they changed the sauce to a salt based one, and I never went back to it.

I hope you get a chance to try this "new" version, Dennis :)

Take care you two.

K said...

Yum, that looks awesome!

KirkK said...

The looks messily delicious Kat.

Rowena said...

Looks much better than the stuff I see at McD's!

K and S said...

it was K :)

messily delicious, Kirk :)

the thing I like about MOS is that they make it after you order Rowena, so nothing is sitting around.

Take care everyone.

Phil said...

I need to check this out! I love the way you described it! Haven't had a MOS burger for a while!

K and S said...

hope it doesn't disappoint, Phil :)

Take care.