Tuesday, May 07, 2013

merci beaucoup

I really appreciate the friendships made from this blog.

Though I've never met most of my virtual friends face to face.

They know how to brighten my day with a surprise.

Merci mon amie! xoxo

(care package contents: Jacques Genin Pates de Fruit, Les Jardins de Gaia Babouchka Gout Russe Tea, Schar Gluten Free Wafer Bar, Sesame Candy & Cookie, Kaoka Noisettes, Rapunzel Chocolate Chips, Pere Louis Chocolate Coconut Bar)


Lindsay-Jean said...

Surprise packages are the best! What fun!

Anonymous said...

It is very nice to make friends through our blogs. Very nice package, you received! :-)

jalna said...

Awww . . . so so so so nice!!

Rowena said...

Very nice little care package! I'm curious about the Rapunzel item.

K and S said...

indeed LJ :)

so true Paz :)

Jalna, I know, yeah?!

I'll probably bake with it Rowena :)

Take care everyone.

K said...

What a nice care package!

K and S said...

yes indeed K :)

Take care.