Friday, May 17, 2013

maruchan seimen

Been seeing commercials for this recently...Maruchan Seimen. I think when cooked it is supposed to resemble the "freshness" of eating at a ramen shop.

Boil 500 mililiters of water and stick the noodles in for 3 minutes.

Using a pair of chopsticks, separate the noodles while it is boiling in the water.

Add the liquid soup packet into your bowl and then pour the water from your pot into the bowl along with the noodles.

Add your own toppings.

I made a han-juku-tamago (half-cooked egg) as one of our toppings.

I put an egg straight from the refridge into a pot of cold water and brought it to a boil.

When the water came to a boil, I turned off the heat and left it for 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes, I put it into a cold water bath and then peeled it.

Voila! an egg that isn't hard boiled yet not super runny.

I also topped our ramen with some lup cheong and green onions.

I prefer my noodles on the harder and thinner side, but this was perfect for the rainy day we had last Saturday.

p.s. This past week, Okinawa started their rainy season, apparently 5 days late from last year's stats, so we're headed for our rainy season soon. The weather is still kinda weird, we had a couple of days where it hit 30C (86F), it's only May...and then the temps dropped rapidly 10 degrees...I think summer in Japan is gonna be blazing!


K said...

Yum, this looks delicious, especially with that egg!

Rowena said...

What a nice quick meal to chase away the weather blues. Going from 30 to 10 is CRAZY!

K and S said...

thanks K!

30 to 20, Rowena, still crazy!

Take care you two.

jalna said...

Oh, oh, oh, I'm gonna try make that egg!

K and S said...

hope the egg turns out for you Jalna :)

Take care.