Saturday, November 15, 2014

godiva ice cream

I recently discovered Godiva ice cream at the market.

For a 125 mililiter cup of ice cream (a little larger than Haagen-Dazs) it is 432 yen (tax included) (which is more expensive than Haagen-Dazs).

I tried the Earl Grey Chocolate Chip and Satoshi tried the Milk Chocolate Chip.

They both had these cute heart shaped chocolate chips. I loved the Earl Grey flavor.

I'm glad we tried them but for the amount of ice cream, it is a bit too pricey.


Kozue said...

I think so, too. Godiva chocolates are really good and their gift boxes are very attractive for me, but too expensive...

jalna said...

Chocolate hearts!

K and S said...

true Kozue!

Jalna, cute yeah?!

Take care you two!

KirkK said...

Whoa...sticker shock!

K and S said...

indeed Kirk o_O

Take care.

K said...

Earl Grey and chocolate? Yum!

K and S said...

indeed K:)

Take care!

Rowena said...

Too bad the cost is so prohibitive, but then I would be in trouble if they sold those in pint-sized containers.

K and S said...

I am also glad they don't sell it in bigger sizes, Rowena :P

Take care.