Saturday, November 01, 2014


IMG_8646 Did you ever have a pen pal?

I actually had quite a few when I was in high school. While studying Japanese, our class was asked to be pen pals with students in Japan.

If I remember correctly, our correspondence was mostly in English. And it was fun learning more about the Japanese culture and what students about the same age as me, were up to.

Two of the pen pals that I started corresponding with in high school, I still keep in touch with today through social media and nengajo (New Years cards).

This past Tuesday, I got to catch-up with one of them, Junko, she is the friend that lives in Sendai. The one that I was worried about when that horrific tsunami hit.

Rewind to the last time I saw her. It was in Hawaii many many moons ago, she was on her way to the mainland and only had a little time to meet up.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, she came to Osaka for work and wondered if I had some time to meet up...I was so happy that she contacted me.

It was so nice seeing her and the time flew as we caught up!

I hope we get a chance to see each other again.

Thank you Junko for all the goodies from Sendai!


K said...

What a nice reunion!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Very fun that you got to hang out. ;-)

jalna said...

It's so cool that you've kept in touch. I suck at that.

Rowena said...

I had a lot in while still in high school but lost all contact after the teen years. Oh the days before social media!

K and S said...

it was K!

indeed Deb!

aw Jalna!

social media is so helpful, Rowena!

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

That's awesome that you both still keep in touch!

K and S said...

indeed Kirk :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

You got that need for stamps and waiting weeks for the mail

alibaba37 said...

Wow, that is so cool!

K and S said...

so true Rowena!

thanks alibaba37!

Take care you two:)