Friday, November 07, 2014


I don't know about your house, but at ours we have spiders.

They come in from the lanai and like to hang out on the glass doors and screens.

Every so often you can find spider webs here and there on the legs of the sofa and such.

The other day, while I was brushing my teeth, I spotted one hanging around on the corner of the bathroom door jam.

I just left it alone and went on with things.

Then in the afternoon, I was putting together a salad and opened the refrig door and lo and behold...there was the spider.

I'm not sure if it was the same one that I had seen earlier.

But now it was in the refridge and still alive! WT?!

I left it alone...hope it likes the cold...

Have a nice weekend!


Rowena said...

We got all kinds of insects that manage to get in our house. I bet some piggyback on the dogs ^-^

KirkK said...

We get some pretty big spiders here Kat. I usually let them be....except for the ones I think are poisonous.

K said...

I definitely would've screamed if I saw it in the fridge!

jalna said...

Back in the day we used to get huge ones in the house. I haven't seen those lately.

K and S said...

I know the ones come in whenever I water the plants and leave the screen door open, Rowena :p

ew poisonous ones, scary Kirk!

if it were bigger K you'd have heard my scream for sure :)

thank goodness Jalna :)

Take care everyone!