Monday, November 24, 2014

weed or flower

I've seen this cute weed/flower along the riverbeds as well as on the edges of people's properties.

Apparently it is called persicaria capitata or himetsurusoba in Japanese. On Wikipedia, it said that it is also known as knotweed or pink bubble persicaria.

I like the pink bubble you have something similar where you live?


Unknown said...

Pretty! What we call Japanese knotweed in Maine is an invasive weed. It's sort of like bamboo and very difficult to eradicate. People are encouraged to eat it when it's young.

Rowena said...

Never even heard of it, but if it's a week, it's pretty.

KirkK said...

Nice Kat. You're really good at noticing these things.....I usually don't see unless I can eat it.

Caroline said...

Yes, we have them in growing in our driveway in San Francisco!

K said...

Those look so cute!

K and S said...

interesting Hanna!

Rowena, cute yeah?!

lol Kirk!

nice Caroline :)

They are K!

Take care everyone:)

Rowena said...

Affff....just noticed my typo. I need glasses.

K and S said...

lol no worries Rowena, I knew what you meant :)

Take care!