Friday, March 25, 2016

gebacken & tofukuji

gebecken FIL's meinichi (date of death) is coming up and Satoshi happened to have the day off in exchange for having had to work this past we went to visit the family grave.

The thing about us visiting Kyoto is that we like to go early...real early because there are just too many tourists running around.

Roads get congested with buses and taxis...not too fun.

We left our house really early and headed to a little bakery that I spotted on our last visit to the area...Gebacken.

This shop apparently makes all sorts of German inspired baked items..and they've been in business since 1961...

We shared this shio-pan (salt bread, left in the photo) there is butter in the center and it is topped with some salt and poppy seeds, the outside gets really crisp...delicious.

The niku miso pan was so oily...around the bread was a spring roll wrapper (which made it super oily) after it was fried...meh! the inside reminded me of a baked manapua (char siu bao).

gebecken The curry pan with soft boiled egg was super good (but oily).

I think as long as you stay away from their fried breads you're safe...

On the 2nd floor, their cafe area was a smokers paradise, unfortunately for us, we gasped when we opened the door to go inside.

To eat upstairs, you need to buy a drink bar pass...270 yen per person. It allows you to sit in the smoky room to eat and you can use their coffee machine which you can choose different types of coffees, not the best coffees but it was all you can drink...

Dunno that we would go back to eat here, but definitely would for take-out.

following the o-bo-san(buddhist priests) near tofukuji station❤︎  #kyoto #tofukuji #japan #東福寺 #京都 As we headed back to the train station we spotted these o-bo-san (buddhist priests) disembarking from the city bus.

Gotta love that!

We also went to spend some time with MIL and had lunch together.

The cold snap is definitely back and I think cherry blossom season has started, hope to get out and about to enjoy it in the next week.

Have a nice weekend.

23-9 Sennyuji-monzen-cho
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075.541.3433
Hours: 7:00-19:00


K said...

Too bad about the breads/smoking, but hope you had a nice day with family otherwise!

Rowena said...

yuck! a pity for having to put up with the smoke - it just dulls all the senses aside from being bad for your health.

KirkK said...

That smoking thing is a bummer.......but that soft boiled egg looks fabulous. When we're Kyoto we like to get an early start too Fushimi Inari at 530 am. It just looks so beautiful and haunting.

K and S said...

we did have a nice day otherwise, K :)

Rowena, I swear Japan must be the last country to still allow smoking everywhere.

Take care you two.

K and S said...

I think you would've enjoyed that egg too Kirk :)

Take care.