Wednesday, March 09, 2016

gyoza ou

trying out the new gyoza shop near our the crisp gyoza bottoms, but didn't appreciate the guy with the "tude"  #gyoza #ishibashi #ikeda #osaka #餃子王 #石橋 #池田 #今働いてるの男性は愛想ないです。#餃子は美味しいけど A gyoza shop opened up near our station on Monday.

Don't think anyone was too excited about it because there wasn't a line to try the place.

Yesterday, I bought 2 servings for us to try...560 yen (tax included).

I liked the crisp bottoms and the flavor of the gyoza was nice and garlicky.

Didn't appreciate the "tude" of the guy working there though.

No "irrashaimase" (welcome) or "arigato" thank you, just a rude "laser beam" look...

Though I will give points to the girl working at the take-out window for friendliness.

We may be back...will see what Satoshi has to say about these gyoza (he's super picky).

*will update info on this shop when I find out more


jalna said...

I wonder if Rude Dude is gonna last there. Or if he'll give you a better experience next time. Looking forward to the update. LOL.

KirkK said...

The gross does look quite crisp.....which is what should happen to "rude dude"

K and S said...

will update IF we go again, Jalna :)

lol Kirk :)

Take care you two.

K said...

Sorry about the rude employee, but those look delicious!

K and S said...

they were delicious, K!

Take care.