Wednesday, March 30, 2016

sakura walk

on the way to the market❤︎  #minoo #osaka #cherryblossom #桜 #箕面 #大阪 #latergram #nofilter Yesterday on the way to the market, I got a photo of this weeping cherry.

one more up close❤︎  #latergram #nofilter #大阪 #箕面 #桜 #minoo #osaka #cherryblossom The blossoms should be in full bloom by the end of the week (so says the weather dude).

Since most of my favorite spots around our neighborhood haven't started blooming yet, I will try to check them out again next week.

Did you ever wonder how the weather people determine when the trees will start blooming?

Apparently each area has a designated tree, when that tree has 5 or 6 flowers that have bloomed, the weather people then announce that the cherry blossom season has started for that area.

Then about a week later, temperatures and weather permitting, the flowers should be in full bloom.

Interesting, yeah?!


Rowena said...

I like how your weather dude actually says when the trees will bloom -- me, I gotta guess by judging on current weather status, area, and elevation.

K and S said...

The weather people here are quite accurate, Rowena, sometimes down to the time of day!

Take care.

K said...


jalna said...


KirkK said...

Love the photos Kat....makes me want to buy some airline tickets and get over there!

K and S said...

it really was K!

Jalna, fun yeah?!

Thanks Kirk, you guys should try for next year, we can hanami under the trees :)

Take care everyone.