Friday, March 04, 2016

kaisen chirashizushi

I rarely use this dish. It is quite Spring-y with the ume flowers on it but not microwave friendly. Dinner is kaisen chirashizushi with Hoegaarden  rosée ❤︎  #海鮮ちらし寿司 #ひなまつり #hoegaarden #rosée #kaisenchirashizushi #hinamatsuri #dinner #osaka #japan Last night for dinner I made a kaisen chirashizushi. This is a type of sushi that is topped with seafood.

In recent years I've seen this version especially for hinamatsuri (Girl's Day).

I adlibbed.

After cooking some rice, I mixed in some denpu (a type of "meat floss" made from fish that is sweetened), if I am not mistaken, Japan uses tara (cod). I also mixed in some sesame seeds and snow peas.

On the bottom of my plate I sprinkled some shiso (perilla) that I cut up thinly.

I added the rice mixture.

Topped it with more shiso and snow peas.

I sprinkled on a little thinly slice omelette.

And then I put on some sashimi (katsuo (bonito), salmon & amaebi (sweet shrimp).

Drizzled some denpu here and there.

And also drizzled some ikura that was soaked in shoyu.

I drizzled a little shoyu over everything before eating.

Super easy dinner, well, once I got everything together.

I had this with Hoegaarden's rosée.

Oh and can I talk a little about this plate that I served it on?

I think my mom gave me this from her stash when we moved from Hawaii (pre-blog)...

It has ume (apricot) flowers on it, but it isn't microwave friendly (there is a metal rim as well as some metal on the plate), so I don't use to very often.

Anyway, I hope you had a nice Girl's Day, if you celebrated.

Have a nice weekend.


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Thanks Brian.

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Rowena said...

no girl's day for me but there's women's day tomorrow!

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hope your women's day was a nice one Rowena :)

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KirkK said...

Very nice Kat!

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Thanks Kirk :)

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This looks fabulous!

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