Thursday, March 31, 2016


MUJI is a popular clothing, interior, knick-knack store all over Japan (and in some countries abroad).

I use the MUJI app, called MUJI passport, to keep track of shopping points.

You can also check-in to MUJI stores (once a day) and get 10 points (equivalent to 10 yen) per check-in as long as you are no farther than 600 meters (0.3 miles) away.

For the year, as your shopping points and check-ins accumulate they give you shopping coupon when you reach a certain amount, the higher the amount of points, the higher the amount of the shopping coupon.

When we take long train rides, I check-in at various MUJI shops when we stop at a station that has a MUJI shop nearby, if I remember to...

Recently they changed the type of check-in stamps we receive.

The stamps before were kind of boring, if I remember correctly, just a round circle that said "MUJI check-in".

Now, the stamps are fun...representing the areas that the shops are located.

For example, Osaka's stamp is of Tsutenkaku (the tower that is a landmark of Osaka and kinda looks like the Eiffel Tower).

Since MUJI also has shops abroad, I hope to be able to collect some check-in stamps, (if and) when we travel international.


K said...

What a fun idea with the cute stamps!

Rowena said...

I am big on racking up the points if a business offers such a thing...uhm let's see...gelato shops, supermarkets, pizza places, and pet stores!

chimerastone said...

I've been to Muji once in Hong Kong nice store with standard packaging reasonable price. There is one is London but too far away from where I live. Have you come across Daiso discount store. I was taken to store which sells Daiso products all for 12 HKD some are little more they charge by the item.
Most stores here offer reward card in which you show at till and earn points. Later on they can be used as money off on future purchase. Offers like triple points are good there are only use for shopaholics. I admit I am one:)
When I'm holiday these rewards cards are not useful for me as don't stay long.

K and S said...

indeed K!

me too Rowena, which is why my wallet is overloaded with those cards!

love Daiso, Chimerastone.

Take care everyone!