Thursday, March 16, 2017

craft burger co.

The other day, I had intended to have lunch at El.Zocalo Burrito, since it had been some time since the last time I visited.

But when I stood in front of the shop, they had their "closed" sign out and it didn't look like anyone was around.

The wind was icy and I wasn't willing to wait a couple of minutes to see if they would eventually open...

Luckily I spotted Craft Burger Co. just around the corner from El.Zocalo Burrito.

The shop isn't too large, and since they had just opened for business it was still quiet and there weren't any customers.

For 880 yen (tax included), you can choose from their 5 different burgers...

I chose their pulled pork which wasn't an actual burger but a nice sized brioche bun filled with tender pulled pork, bbq sauce and cole slaw.

They gave me a triangle paper sleeve for my burger and told me to put the burger inside before eating...

um, please put the burger in the sleeve for me...since my sandwich wasn't an actual burger it wasn't actually sturdy enough for me to one handedly put it into the sleeve.

I ended up nixing the sleeve and just eating the sandwich with a fork.

The meal comes with your choice of a side and I am glad I chose these fried potatoes.

The outside was crisp and had a nice amount of rosemary and salt.

For 120 yen more you can order a I added a cola.

Of course, as I left, I noticed El.Zocalo Burrito had opened for business...

I still hope to go back to El.Zocalo Burrito one day, but if they aren't ready for business, I know where else I can lunch at.

Craft Burger Co.
1-6-12 Kitahorie
Nishi-ku, Osaka
Phone: 06.6556.6682
Closed Mondays
Hours: 11:30-22:30


jalna said...


Rowena said...

I'm glad that this place didn't give you any grief like that Merci kitchen!

Happy Little Bento said...

Maybe they wanted to let you take a better instagram shot without the sleeve. >_<

K and S said...

I know Jalna :)

for real Rowena!

Take care you two.

K and S said...

lol Sheri :)

Take care!

K said...

Looks delicious!

K and S said...

it really was K!

Take care.

KirkK said...

I wonder why they do that? Sounds like a sloppy mess for the customer. At least it tasted good.

K and S said...

a couple of places have done this Kirk and I wish they would put it in that sleeve for me...too messy otherwise!

Take care!