Friday, March 10, 2017

float lemon tea (heart)

After that krazy lunch...I went to check out the mall up the street, before catching the bus back home.

As I was wandering in my favorite knick-knack shop...I found the tea with the dried lemon hearts!

The green box has tea from Miyazaki Gokase and the red one has tea from Shimane Izumo.

The heart shaped lemon is from Hiroshima.

Brew the tea then set the dried lemon on top.

So cute!

I'm glad I found this and didn't have to enter the lottery to get them.

We're back in a cold snap the past couple of days...have a nice weekend!


Rowena said...

uber lemon cuteness ^-^ -- we are on the warmish side (20° yesterday!), so off to the garden center we go!

jalna said...

So sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Another thing to add to my Japan shopping list! Thanks!

K and S said...

the weather is so krazy, Rowena, warm one, fahreezing the next...

indeed Jalna :)

this particular tea can only be bought by lottery, Anon...just FYI.

Take care everyone.