Tuesday, March 07, 2017

frozen konnyaku

Awhile back I posted about using konnyaku in my cooking...here.

In that post, I mentioned that by freezing konnyaku, it is supposed to have the texture of meat.

Well, I tried freezing some.

Doesn't it look like meatballs?!

Well, I cooked it in the shogayaki sauce I posted about recently.

NOTES: Funky texture...like eating gristle...maybe if you use sliced konnyaku it would be more "meat-like".

It was an interesting experiment though.

Might give frozen sliced konnyaku a try...maybe.


Unknown said...

I got excited by your headline, thinking that there might be a way to improve konnyaku, I'm sorry to learn that the freezer wasn't a magical solution. :(

KirkK said...

So more like "suji" Kat?

Rowena said...

sliced thin maybe? they do pass for meatballs though!

jalna said...

Nice try!

K and S said...

if I find some bravery or if I find the konnyaku that is already frozen, I may try again LJ!

kind of like suji Kirk, but rubbery...hard to describe :( sorry!

I just may have to try this experiment again Rowena...

Thanks Jalna :)

Take care everyone!