Monday, March 13, 2017

happy birthday MIL

Yesterday was MIL's birthday.

It was a special birthday as she turned 88.

In Japan, they call this birthday "beiju" (bay-joo).

In the early days, most people didn't live past 50 so any age past that was considered a joyous occasion.

Beiju is written with the character for rice.

Rice was respected by everyone not only as a staple but also a symbol of their livelihood and happiness.

A fundamental part of Japanese society, rice also symbolizes purity and goodness.

BIL, SIL and nephew turned out for the occasion.

With everyone's busy schedules, it was nice to get together with everyone.

Happy Birthday MIL!


Rowena said...

wow! my father-in-law recently turned 87. there is no special celebration for 80-somethings in Italy, but it was nice of his caretaker to bake him a cake.

jalna said...

Happy Birthday, MIL!!!

K and S said...

when he turns 88, you can celebrate "beiju" Rowena :)

Thank you Jalna :)

Take care you two!