Tuesday, April 25, 2017

museums & ippouen

Remember the dragon at Kenninji?

The artist, Kaiho Yusho, was being featured at the Kyoto National Museum.

Satoshi said he wanted to check it out, so, Sunday that is what we did.

We got there early, along with hundreds of others...

Just to get into the museum we had to queue up...

While we were waiting our turn to ride the elevator, I took this picture with Kyoto Tower far off in the distance.

Meh, I wasn't impressed by this exhibit. Plus the inside of the museum smelled like a locker room...ugh!

Glad that Satoshi enjoyed the exhibit though.

We then went up the street to Shimizu Ippouen...a tea house.

If you order lunch & a sweet, they give you a little discount...so that is what we did.

Satoshi's maguro don with sesame oil and raw egg yolk.

You separate the egg and add to your donburi just before eating....only in Japan!

Satoshi's parfait....this had matcha ice cream, shiratama (like mochi) & sweet bean paste.

How cute is the wasabi container?! Made of wood with a teeny spoon and cover too!

I ordered the Maguro Houjicha (roasted green tea) Dashi Chazuke...so good and just the perfect serving!

I chose the matcha roll cake...I normally don't like white chocolate but that swirl was nice to balance out the bitter matcha.

There was also some konbu cha (powdered kelp) and bubu arare (small rice cracker puffs) sprinkled on the white chocolate to give it a sweet-salty flavor & crunch.

Although we went soon after they opened, we had to wait for a table, still, I'm glad we tried this place and want to come back to try their shave ice.

Bellies full, we crossed the street to Chishakuin.

Click on the photo and you should be able to hear the temple bell ringing.

Their garden area was super quiet and peaceful.

While viewing the garden, we also caught a rare glimpse of a grey heron up close...

Then back down the road to Sanjusangendo.

Amazing display of 1000 kannon (figures for peace) statues inside the long rectangular building.

Every January 14 they hold archery tournaments here too, apparently which used to be held on this long deck.

The double cherry blossoms are in bloom...click to see the video.

And then back near the Kamogawa (Kamo river) we sat and had a snack. (click to view video)

It was kind of summery this weekend, but still comfortable to be out and about.

Shimizu Ippouen
665 Honkawaracho, corner of Higashi Oodori & Shiokoji road
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075.202.7964
Hours: 11:30-16:30
Closed Mondays


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm making an ever growing list of places to eat from your posts since I will be in Kyoto and Osaka in October. I don't think I'll have enough days to try everything! Your maguro hojicha looks pretty good. I don't usually care for raw fish, but the tea kind of cooks it, right? Or is that a cold dish?

K and S said...

It was more like a magurozuke (soaked in shoyu), V, and the dashi kind of cooked it, so it wasn't totally raw like kaisendon...hope you get to eat a lot when you come in October!

Take care!

KirkK said...

Nice photos Kat! We love how they serve eggs in Japan!

Rowena said...

only in Japan for real! Your lunches look soooooo good!

K and S said...

definitely only in Japan, Kirk :)

I think you and MotH would enjoy these Rowena :)

Take care you two.