Friday, March 23, 2018


I recently got this salad from RF1.

The packaging is unique though maybe not too environment friendly.

Pop the bottom off to take out the dressing.

And the top layer of toppings can be removed too.

Even though it isn't too environment friendly, the greens don't get wilty from the toppings.

And a couple of weeks ago when I needed to pack some strawberries for Satoshi to take with his breakfast musubi, this blueberry basket was perfect.

Cool, yeah?!


Anonymous said...

it's similar to the bottle lunches that were popular. My daughter gave me a 2 cup mason jar and a silicon cup that fits on the top of the jar under the cover. you can put salad on the bottom and dressing and or toppings in the silicon cup and mix everything when ready to eat. Works good for somen salad too!

Rowena said...

if only they could develop biodegradable containers that aren't hard plastic and thus environment-friendly. since the beginning of the year, a regulation was passed in Italy where biodegradable bags replaced the usual plastic ones at a minimal cost of 1 cent.

K and S said...

ooh that sounds nice V!

Rowena, I hear that Osaka is gonna go bag free this summer and if you really need one they will charge you 2 yen for it or something like that. Right now though I personally like the way some shops minus 2 yen if you bring your own bags.

Take care.

jalna said...

Very cool that you recycled!

Rowena said...

we bring our own shopping bags (you can also purchase biodegradable sacks for 10 cents each - 2 yen, that's much cheaper!) and the cashier gives extra points to loyalty card users, but the biodegradable bag issue of this year was for smaller ones to put produce in when choosing vegs/fruits. when you go to weigh your bagged produce on a scale, you punch in the code and it spits out a price tag to stick onto the bag, but the 1 cent cost only shows up when the cashier scans it. I've seen some people actually take bags without paying for them!

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna:)

Rowena, you should see the elderly women here, because those tiny produce bags are free, they take so many while the bag their groceries.

Take care you two!