Sunday, March 18, 2018

foodie thursday in kyoto

Thursday I went to Kyoto with my host-brother's wife, Kazumi.

She works so we don't get to hang out too often.

I've been wanting to try Awomb.

They have several shops scattered around Kyoto.

This particular shop takes reservations, the others don't.

The lunch at this shop serves only one thing teaezushi which means literally means hand dressed sushi.

From the various dishes you take toppings like fish, veggies and condiments like wasabi, jelled shoyu, place everything on sushi rice and eat it with thinly sliced egg that is colored green with matcha.

Add some dashi from the dobbinmushi (earthen teapot) to change things to a chazuke.

It was fun eating all the different things, making different combos.

At 2970 yen (tax included) it isn't somewhere you would go everyday, but it is a nice place when you want to bring friends/family from out of town or for a special occasion.

(Click on the photo to see the video of the different foods)

Thank goodness I went to see where this place was, boy was it hidden from the street!

The jinchoge (daphne) are blooming, love the fragrance!

Strong like tuberose.

We had sweets and some tea at Gion Tokuya.

After the projectile warabi mochi...I am a bit traumatized, so I ordered their uji matcha kintoki shaved ice.

Too bad I cut off the top of the shaved ice in the could've seen some of the gold leaf flakes they had sprinkled!

It also had some soft mochi and sweet bean paste on the bottom.

There was also some sweetened matcha syrup and if that wasn't sweet enough, you could use the clear syrup that they also served.

1st shaved ice for the year...

We also went to Kyoto Takashimaya to get some sweets for Kazumi to take home.

I purchased two of these sakura manju by Taneya.

It was a nice sunny and semi-warm day.

I hope Kazumi had a nice time.

It was nice to spend some time with her and to be out and about.

Awomb Gion Yasaka
463-8 Shimo-Kawaramachi
Higashiyama, Kyoto
Phone: 075.204.3564
Lunch: 11:30-15:00, Dinner: 18:00-20:30
Days off so call before going


KirkK said...

I remember that "projectile post" Kat! ;o)

Rowena said...

that shave ice is huge!

K and S said...

eep Kirk :)

it really was Rowena!

Take care you two.

jalna said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, projectiling is totally something that I would do.

K and S said...

so shame yeah Jalna :)

Take care.