Saturday, March 24, 2018


It was the First Day of Spring the other day, but we had a winter storm.

Cold rain and icy winds...brr.

Changing the cute is this teeny sakura (cherry) tree/branch that BIL gave to MIL for her birthday.

It is growing in a ball of moss and dirt.

MIL said that when she received it the buds were a light pink...

They turned darker and one actually bloomed.

Hope your Spring got off to a better start!


Anonymous said...

that is sooo cute! I always want to buy those bonsai from the stores in Japan. Too bad we cannot bring them back. (Or can we?)

jenny said...

What a cute plant! I didn't get to respond to your other post but I'm sorry to hear about the moving orders, I enjoy your osaka updates! But as your blog title says...yet another adventure in Japan! I hope you find a good oasis in Tokyo.

jalna said...

Sooo cute!!!

KirkK said...

Hope the weather is better now Kat!

K and S said...

I don’t think you can bring back, V!

Thanks Jenny

Jalna, really is cute!

Kinda blazing now Kirk!

Take care everyone!