Saturday, March 03, 2018


Sorry it's been quiet here.

I had a root canal procedure done on the last day of February...don't worry, it wasn't painful and I was able to eat afterwards...

Life just got a little busy after that...

Anyway, after my procedure, I went to Synergy getting there about 5 minutes before opening.

The owner makes a 3 types of curries...chicken, pork and a weekly.

This week was a sakura keema.

"Sakura" is what people call horse meat because of the pink color.

The meat was a little tough but I still enjoyed this.

Just the right amount of spices to give a little burn but not totally blast your tastebuds.

At the end of your meal, she also gives you a tiny jigger of yogurt with honey as a palate cleanser.

I noticed the chicken and pork curries didn't have the bright veggies that the weekly one did, so I'm glad I chose the weekly one.

I'll be back...oh and I need to go back to the dentist in a couple of weeks to get more treatments done to that root canal-ed tooth (thank goodness for health insurance!)

1-5-35 Dojima
Kita, Osaka
Phone: n/a
Hours: 11:30-14:00 (or earlier if she runs out)
Open: Monday-Friday
Closed: Saturday, Sunday & Holidays


jalna said...

Glad things worked out for you, Kat.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh no, I hate the dentist! Had some issues earlier this year too, but okay now.

Horse meat, does it have an aftertaste like lamb/goat or is it like beef?

K and S said...

Me too Jalna...hoping the next appointment isn't too bad too.

I'm glad your issues have been resolved Mich. No aftertaste with the horse meat, in fact, in Kyushu they eat it raw with ginger.

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

You went to eat after a root canal?!? Man, you're tough! I'm missing basashi now....

Rowena said...

I want to just run off and hide every time I see the words root canal - hopefully I will never have to go through one. :/

K and S said...

Kirk...ha ha it was amazingly painless!

Rowena, I am hoping the next appointment will go smoothly too.

Take care you two.