Wednesday, March 14, 2018


It's been about a year since my last visit to Talo Coffee.

If you remember, it wasn't a very pleasant one.

Fast forward to Monday.

I had intended to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant, but they took an unexpected day

The udon shop that I had bookmarked, which is next door to the Chinese restaurant already had a krazy

So, I decided to give Talo Coffee another try which was just up the road.

Usually I don't give places another chance, because there are just too many other places to try out there...

Anyway, I went into Talo and the place was kind of packed, which I should've taken as a sign.

They did have a table reserved and a table to seat 4 open, but since I was alone, I was told I needed to wait until a table opened up.

So I did.

While I waited I was instructed to look at the menu and decide what I wanted to order.

I ordered the cheese omelette rice (omurice) topped with fried shrimp.

While I waited for my food, a couple left so their table opened up.

I was reseated there and within minutes a salad and my order came out.

As I was eating the same tension like the one during my previous visit was in the air...trying to turn tables when there really weren't people waiting for them.

In fact, as I was eating, the waitress came to clear the empty plate that my salad was on.

I had a couple more bites of omurice and she was trying to clear that plate too! WT?!

Another unpleasant experience...

Bummer because their food is delicious.

Never going back though.


Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh no! So rude! Food looks so good! That's what I want to try too!

Rowena said...

you are a saint, so I'll say it for you, WTFrrrrrrrrrr! (see I was even trying to be subtle about it)

KirkK said...

That's rude.

jalna said...

Too bad.

K and S said...

food is good Mich, which is why it is such a bummer...

lol Rowena, thank you :)

very rude Kirk...sad!

indeed Jalna!

Take care everyone.