Friday, November 09, 2018


I started using Flickr at almost the same time I started this blog.

At the time, "someone" was stealing my photos and I wanted a way to keep track of the photos...linking the photos on my blog back to Flickr was a good way.

Back then, I had what Flickr called a "Pro account" (paying a set amount a year for more storage than the free account), but then (maybe a couple years back?!) Flickr changed everyone to free 1 terrabyte storage so I cancelled my pro account and went to a free one, cause a terrabyte (for free) is huge!

Then sometime this year, Flickr was bought out by Smugmug, which "said" they would honor everyone's accounts...until the other day when I received an email.

From January 2019, they will only allow free accounts a total of 1000 photos/ know how many photos/videos I have stored on Flickr?! 20,000 plus-something!

But, I am not willing to pay for storage, which is why I do not use iCloud too.

Most all of my photos are backed up either on disc or on my external hard drive (pre-historic methods are my speed).

So...all my blog posts from 2005 to November 6, 2018, will almost certainly be affected...which means that they probably will not have any photos attached to them after January 2019.

I think Blogger is using Google Photo now, so I have started using that for posts after November 6, 2018.

I am not sure what will happen to the earlier posts and will wait and see after Flickr downsizes my photos to the 1000.

I am bummed because I've used Flickr for so long but also realize things cost $$ the end though, I am too cheap to put any money into this teeny blog.

Just wanted to give you a heads up and hope you understand.

Thanks for listening.

Have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

i would love to donate to the cause if you change your mind! I mean, how will I look back to research my trips:)

K and S said...

aw thanks V, I will try to replace the photos attached to Flickr, it will just take me a l-o-n-g time.

Take care.

Anonymous said...



Rowena said...

you got an email, me, I got nothing! saw that comment on your Insta and figured it out from there. honoring free accounts my a**, eventually they'll do away with the 1000 for free limit and flickr will go bottom up. I didn't mind the ads, but obviously the ads weren't bringing in the moola that they wanted, so now this. i hate fluckr

jalna said...

I also have 20,000+ photos stored on flickr. I was expecting something like this when Smugmug took over and was just waiting for the shoe to drop. I've decided to pay the annual fee.

K and S said...

It will disappear from this blog Tomomi, it is quite complicated to explain. Thank you for your comment :)

That is not good Rowena, I would expect them to email everyone!

True Jalna, I was kinda looking, but now I am forced to, because I don't wanna pay.

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

I’ve had a pro accounti since the beginning Kay. Working in IT I understand that storage is not free, especially long term. I’d go head and download all your Flickr content before January. That said, I’ll miss your photos!

K and S said...

aw thanks Kirk:)

Take care.