Friday, June 11, 2021

this and that

We've been snacking on these banana chips that I found at Mart Iijima...there are 3 types in one container...
plain which is slightly sweet, kokuto (brown/black sugar) which has a caramel taste & shio (salt).
They use coconut oil to make these, I’ll get more next time I go to Mart Iijima
7-eleven's namachoco mochi (ganache covered with a thin chocolate mochi) ono!

The best part is they aren’t too big, maybe like an inch wide?! 

I had this with iced coffee but think it might be nice with wine too.

Kitchen Sumikko's shogayaki (pork ginger)...3 pieces of pork, hijiki, tsukemono & rice...950 yen (tax included)

The pork could have been more tender but I was surprised at how hefty this bento was.

Since we are still in a state of emergency until June 20, this shop has been closed since the end of April.

We were glad to see they were back serving lunch at the start of June.

Super tall lilies, I didn’t know they could grow so tall.
Part of the hikidemono (gift from wedding) we received, a box of baum kuchen. 

There were 8 with flavors like kokuto (black/brown sugar), satsumaimo (sweet potato), kinako (soy bean powder), cinnamon and chestnut.

There was also some Japanese black tea that was made in Nagasaki.

And there was a catalog for us to order something, which we plan to order some rice.

As for the Olympics, they are still debating with 43 days to go.

The government says they have evidence it can be a safe event...though they still haven’t shown anyone their “evidence”.

The medical people still say it is too dangerous to hold this event...there is data to show we’ll need to go into another “state of emergency” if the Olympics is held.

I still say that they should cancel it because the risk is too high.

Tokyo & Osaka have opened large vaccination centers to vaccinate some of the surrounding prefectures.

Trouble is the elderly are leery to travel all the way to Tokyo/Osaka just to get vaccinated.

Looks like it will be the end of summer before we get our vaccines.

The temperature this week has hit krazy highs for about melty!

Hope you are all doing well.

Have a safe weekend.


Rowena said...

I am smitten with those tall lilies; the only tall ones that I know of are the foxtail lilies (and they get really tall).

I imagine that the gov will never share the 'evidence'...good grief those people.

Anonymous said...

I've been craving shogayaki for awhile and keep thinking to go to Kokorotei but still haven't made it there even though it's the easiest place to get to. Or, I keep thinking I'll make some at home. so many decisions, LOL

jalna said...

I like try the banana chips. Poor thing Japan, stuck with the Olympic fiasco.

KirkK said...

Oh safe you two. I think they need to postpone the Olympics...public safety is most important.

K and S said...

good grief indeed Rowena

Take care!

K and S said...

lol V, hope you got some shogayaki:)

Take care!

K and S said...

this Olympic thingy is so so lame Jalna

Take care!

K and S said...

Kirk, I wish someone would hear you on the Olympics…

Take care!