Friday, May 27, 2022

this and that

Monday, we had a flasher in our neighborhood.

I got the notice on my phone...what we were wondering though was how he was flashing AND riding a bicycle?!

Hope they catch the guy!

Changing the subject…Humid and hot weather has been off and on...I stocked up on ice cream...

We ate up the last of the mochi we got when we had MIL's memorial service.

On this day we had it with fruit and kinako, but our favorite way to eat it was as zenzai.

The skies have been weird lately, making for weird sunrises and sunsets.

So..while most of the world has stopped masking...Japan has been talking about it too, this the criteria that the government says they would allow masks to be off (except for #3)

1. you are outside, socially distanced from others and there is no conversations

2. you are outside and there is no one else around

3. if you are outside but cannot socially distance, you need to wear a mask

4. at school, you are socially distanced and outside during P.E. 

ha! I don’t think Japan is de-masking any time soon, I know I’m not.

Hope you all are doing well…be kind.

Have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

where's the picture of the streaker??? LOL he must have been feeling the heat. I remember the last time I went to SF, we happened to coincide with the naked bike ride. Ewww. I wondered why seemed like only old men and women participated. double ewwww.

That's a beautiful sun picture!

KirkK said...

Oh gross Kat! Hope they find the weird.

jalna said...

Ewwwww . . . all I can think about is sanitizing that bike seat. LOL. Okay, I lied. I'm also thinking about that mochi with strawberries and kinako.

K and S said...

neva see the streaker V...thank goodness! ha!

really weird Kirk.

Jalna, thinking about the mochi is better :)

Take care everyone.