Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Gonna do these "reminiscing" posts, when I don't have anything to write about...

Four years ago Guru Guru Bagel still bummed they closed

Fourteen years ago Vanilla (Week 1) I have quite a stash now

Fifteen years ago Bagels (Part 4) I should try making bagels again


Anonymous said...

I keep reading that looking at pictures of food is a major cause of overeating!
I want bagels! and I love the schmears, but can't beat lox with onions and capers.
Over 40 years ago, the original Hawaiian Bagels were so good! super chewy with a crust, too.
Then when they sold out to Zippys, the recipe changed to be softer and huge! Nowdays, all the bagels are these giant soft ones, like Safeway's, Lox of Bagels or the kind in Costco and Sam's. okay, when they were small, I could eat two, LOL, but the texture nowdays is not right.

K and S said...

V, I know we've talked about Hawaiian Bagels, they were so good, yeah?! There was a brand I liked in Japan called Junoesque but they changed their recipe to the soft type too. I have found one at Kaldi that comes from NYC that is chewy, so whenever I see it, I pick it up.

Take care.

KirkK said...

Man, fifteen year ago!!!!

K and S said...

Kirk, can you believe we've been blogging that long?!

Take care.