Friday, May 13, 2022

this and that

The sunset last Friday.

Do you listen to the lyrics of songs playing in the supermarket?

I do, especially if they are in English.

So I was kinda shocked to hear the lyrics of this song by Lou Reed.

Huge kara mandarins...super sweet!

Tokyo people...Caught this man sitting on his ladder in deep thought.
First time catching these electricians changing two transformers at the same time.

Tokyo's numbers are going up, but the government is also considering not having to wear masks outside.

To be honest at the beginning of the pandemic I was kinda anti-mask, but now I don't think I could go without it.

Some of the Southern areas of Japan have started their rainy season, it will be a matter of time when we start ours.

Have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

beautiful skies!
ah yes, walk on the wild side! LOL
sometimes when I watch Korean dramas, they have English speaking actors and they say some stuff too that makes me laugh. Not sure if they translate it verbatim into Korean subtitles but they certainly don't cut the audio.

jalna said...

Sweet oranges are my fave!

Saburo said...

My ears perk up when I hear old "modern rock" classics like The Clash and Depeche Mode over the PA at the likes of Bath & Body Works or even the local Donki (née Holiday Mart).

I get the impression that Japanese places will filter out the obviously profane English songs and just include everything else cuz hey it's cool. But yeah, Lou Reed ain't exactly Lionel Richie in any era...

K and S said...

that is interesting about the K-dramas V!

so good Jalna :)

some songs can have the F-word in it and they won't filter it out not even on TV, Saburo.

Take care everyone!