Tuesday, August 09, 2022

holo card

Did you know The Bus, Honolulu’s bus system, does not give transfers these days? I didn’t 

UNLESS you use their HOLO card..

(cash fares are $3 each, no transfer…with the HOLO card you can transfer 2 times within two hours.)

I found this out the hard way, I was waiting for the bus and a homeless looking lady came a little too close to me for my comfort and even if I tried to move away, she would come too close to me…

Not knowing what she would do, I panicked and jumped on the bus that just happened to pull up and when I asked the driver for a transfer he said “no more now”

So I got off at the next stop and then took the bus I was originally waiting for to take me past my childhood house.

From what I could see as the bus passed, it didn’t look like the owners made many changes except that the plumeria tree in the front looked like they cut it back and there was now a papaya tree growing near the garage.

When BFF got home, I told her about not being able to transfer and she called her friend R, who got me a HOLO card and was even kind enough to put some $$ on the card too. 

Thanks R and BFF!


Anonymous said...

Aww, Kat! I’m touched you were able to see your family home & it still looks nearly the same. Bummer about the new bus system. There’s a few more junky quirks about it, but I won’t hijack your blog by grumbling, lol.

KirkK said...

Geeez, all kines of changes Kat.....kinda scared of when I visit "home" again!

Anonymous said...

so many scary homeless now days, but glad you sorted out the bus system.
Kind of bittersweet to see old homes. I moved around a lot while growing up so got 3 I pass by once in a while. Interesting.

K and S said...

aw Anon, do tell!

hope it won't be too scary when you visit, Kirk :)

definitely more noticeable homeless,V.

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

I'm glad to see you back safe, and now I also know about the 'no transfers' too. I doubt we'll ever spend time on Oahu but for sure get small kine changes on Kauai!

jalna said...

Quick thinking. I probably woulda done the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Well, my main monku is in order to load money online you have to create an account that asks for your birthdate & address. Otherwise you have to go to either a Foodland or Times to load money & only cash is accepted. Some ABC stores used to let you load money only, but now they only allow you to purchase a monthly or 3 day (?) pass. Signed, Monku-nonymous 😂

K and S said...

Thanks Rowena, I hope you will be able to return to Kauai in the near future :)

Thanks Jalna, you just never know.

Thanks Anon! I appreciate you telling me this info. it is definitely good to know.

Take care everyone.

before28 said...

How is the homeless situation over there? My friend said last year (?), a homeless person high on meth or something - broke into her apartment and started taking her TV and other stuff. She was terrified with her daughter and they just tried to hide. The homeless person was so high he didn't even see them.

K and S said...

Hi Before28, are you asking for the homeless situation in Hawaii or in Japan? In Hawaii it is pretty bad, not so noticeable in Japan though.

Take care.