Thursday, August 25, 2022


1st time making shakshuka.

I sauteed some red bell peppers with some dukkah and then added some leftover marinara sauce and a little water.

Added some eggs and let it "poach" uncovered for about 8 minutes.

Then topped it with some sliced okra.

We ate it with some naan.

Not authentic and I don't think I've actually had shakshuka before, but it is fun to say and was tasty.

I'll make this again when the weather gets cooler.


jenny said...

I have never had this before but it looks great! Wish we had more like restaurants here that served up food like this!

Anonymous said...

i googled this and it looks really ono and easy to make.
since the sauce is tomato based, I wonder how it would be over pasta.

K and S said...

Jenny, definitely need more restaurants like this :)

V, I've only seen it eaten with bread to dip into the oozy eggs...

Take care you two!

Rowena said...

I love shakshuka and usually make it for brunch!

KirkK said...

The Missus and I love shakshuka and will often make it during the winter.

K and S said...

For brunch sounds nice Rowena!

I think it will be a new dish in our winter rotation, Kirk :)

Take care.