Tuesday, August 30, 2022

mini stop

Saturday, Satoshi went to get his 4th vaccine.

On his way home, I also asked him to go to Mini Stop to get us some premium beni imo soft serve...

Unfortunately, they closed last month and are getting ready to tear down the apartment building (google maps screenshot)
The building doesn't look too old from the outside...

Hope to find another location so we can try this soft serve.


KirkK said...

Hope you do find another location so you can get your fix Kat!

Anonymous said...

Japan soft serve!!!

My friend Maude is in Yamaguchi/Hiroshima and she has the nerve to send me pictures of what she's eating, the snacks and chu-hi from the conbini. She thinks it's funny :(

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

Aw V, hoping you'll be able to travel later this year.

Take care you two.

jalna said...


jenny said...

Ah! What's with all this tearing down of stuff! I do hope you get your fix soon! And I like travel to Japan soon too. :(

K and S said...

Jalna, Just God's way of telling me "no eat that!"

Jenny, I knooow! I hope you can travel to Japan soon too!

Take care you two.